Monday, June 18, 2012

Therabill Support Desk and Forum

Therabill is now using Zendesk as its support desk and community forum.  Go to for help forums, announcements and other useful news.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TheraBill: Early Intervention Provider Fair

TheraBill: Early Intervention Provider Fair: Therabill is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Spring Into Early Intervention Provider Fair in O'Fallon Illinois on April 18th, 2012. Thi...

Early Intervention Provider Fair

Therabill is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Spring Into Early Intervention Provider Fair in O'Fallon Illinois on April 18th, 2012.

This sponsorship is perfect.  Therabill started out as a billing program for submitting electronic claims to Early Intervention Central Billing Office. It is nice to get back to our roots.  If you are a Therabill member and you are attending this provider fair, stop by the booth and I will treat  you to dinner after the fair.

ASHA Health Care and Business Institute 2012

Come and visit the Therabill booth at the 2012 ASHA Health Care and Business Institute.  If any current Therabill members are attending, let me know and I will treat  you to dinner or a trip to Graceland.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Therabill and WebPT

Therabill has finished an integration with WebPT.  For those Physical Therapists out there using WebPT as your documentation software and who are looking for a billing solution, you can now feed your claims from WebPT seamlessly into Therabill.  You can then use Therabill to create your electronic insurance claims and track payments.

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Experience with the 5010

The 5010 conversion deadline was on 1/1/2012.  Therabill is now sending only electronic insurance claims in ASC X12 5010 format.  It was more work than I expected to prepare for it.  Mainly all of the testing that was required.  I realize that the clearinghouses and the insurance carriers have it much harder than the software vendors.

The only glitches that are happening are strictly due to insurance companies (delayed acknowledgment and sometimes sending back error messages that don't make any sense.. ahem.. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois).  Other than that, the Therabill 5010 conversion has been flawless.

I have heard many horror stories from people who are using other billing software (not mentioning any names).  After hearing these horror stories, it makes me feel good about all of the extra work I did to prepare and make it as easy as possible on Therabill members.  I recently realized from talking to several Therabill members that a lot of members don't even realize that a big conversion took place.  A lot of Therabill members do not even know what 5010 is.    To me, that is an accomplishment.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Therabill Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions board in Therabill is going public.  Therabill has a FAQ board where members can go and ask questions about how to use Therabill.  The questions are normally answered within 30 minutes (often sooner).  I thought that some of the content in the FAQ might be beneficial to the public as a whole.  Therefore, I have created a WordPress site to publish some of the questions and the replies that were given.  This site is located at