Friday, January 6, 2012

My Experience with the 5010

The 5010 conversion deadline was on 1/1/2012.  Therabill is now sending only electronic insurance claims in ASC X12 5010 format.  It was more work than I expected to prepare for it.  Mainly all of the testing that was required.  I realize that the clearinghouses and the insurance carriers have it much harder than the software vendors.

The only glitches that are happening are strictly due to insurance companies (delayed acknowledgment and sometimes sending back error messages that don't make any sense.. ahem.. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois).  Other than that, the Therabill 5010 conversion has been flawless.

I have heard many horror stories from people who are using other billing software (not mentioning any names).  After hearing these horror stories, it makes me feel good about all of the extra work I did to prepare and make it as easy as possible on Therabill members.  I recently realized from talking to several Therabill members that a lot of members don't even realize that a big conversion took place.  A lot of Therabill members do not even know what 5010 is.    To me, that is an accomplishment.

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