Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prepared for 5010

The sky is falling!!!!  This is the fear that many billing software companies are trying to instill into healthcare providers.  They are using the conversion to 5010 as a marketing ploy.  They are making a selling point out of being 5010 ready and that you better make sure your software is 5010 ready (or switch over to us).

I hate to break it to everyone.  Being 5010 ready is not complicated.  It is not a selling point.  If a specific healthcare billing software is not 5010 ready... well, come January 1, 2012 they are out of business.

Since when did a change in format warrant such a big deal.  When the 4010 addendum was released.. everyone quietly switched to the new format.  Bottom line: healthcare providers should NOT be scared into billing software based on 5010 readiness.  In the end, the healthcare provider isn't even going to notice any difference when the switch is made to 5010 (at least not with Therabill).  It is a data interchange format.  It should be left for us geeks to worry about... behind the scenes.  Leave the healthcare providers out of it.. they have enough on their plates.

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