Sunday, October 9, 2011

A New Therabill Design

As an engineer, I have never been known for my artistic skills.  I can make things work, but I can't make them look good.   Over the past week, I have spent countless hours updating the design of the Therabill public web pages.  Last night, with bloodshot eyes, I finished the new design.  I think it looks good and contains a lot more information.  For example, the informational page on submitting electronic insurance claims contains a lot more information.  I have also sprinkled video demonstrations though out the various pages.  All of the video demonstrations are available from within the Therabill Instructional Video Library.

I have also included a nice page of links to therapy resources.  If you know of any great therapy resources, let me know.  If you are the webmaster of a therapy web site, please reciprocate with a link to Therabill.

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