Sunday, May 1, 2011

New TheraBill Users Manual

TheraBill is working on a new users manual.  The new users manual is completely web based (as opposed to being PDF files).  The new user manual format will allow members to quickly jump between pages using hyperlinks that are spread throughout the users manual.

The new users manual has a tentative release date of 5/15/2011.  However, I am asking anyone and everyone to go and check it out at and let me know of any typos, grammatical errors or broken links.  I have made a user friendly method for reporting any errors within the text.  Simply use your mouse to select the text that contains the error.  You will then be given a dialog box where you can add any comments and then e-mail me the error.

Please keep in mind that the release date is not until 5/15/2011 and there will be some pages that are not yet available.  You will know when you run into one of these pages because it will show an under construction page.

Until the users manual is finished, members can get help and ask questions through the help center within the members area.  If you are a health care provider and would like to see how TheraBill can make your billing process easier with our practice management software and with electronic health insurance claim submissions then please try it free for 30 days.  There are no restrictions on the free trial and we don't even ask for your credit card information.  While using the free trial, if you find that TheraBill is not what you need, then you can simply walk away from it.

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