Saturday, July 2, 2011

A flood of new feature requests

Therabill has always thrived on feature requests from Therabill members.  This has even led to our second motto: "Designed by Therapists like Yourself".  I am excited to report that new feature requests have exploded over the past few weeks.  From small little tweaks to large scale feature implementations, I have been hard at work adding new features to Therabill.

A new member recently mentioned in an e-mail that Therabill has many awesome billing features, however, they also pointed out several therapy scheduling features that were missing.  I immediately acknowledged that these key scheduling features should be added.. and quickly.

Schedule - Week View
I added a week view to the Therabill calendar.  The "week view" is in addition to the calendar view that has always been available in Therabill.

Scheduled Events
In additon, Therabill will soon allow you to enter "non therapy" events into your schedule.  This can be used for blocking off times within in your schedule or for entering office meetings.  The "Scheduled Events" feature is in final stages of development and will go live on July 3rd, 2011.

Service Facility Rooms
Therabill has always allowed you to create multiple service facilities.  However, what many might not know is that Therabill recently added the ability to create "rooms" within those facilities.  This allows you to not only assign a therapy session to a facility but to assign the therapy session to a specific room within a facility.  While the "rooms" do not show up on anywhere on insurance claims, they are useful for therapy scheduling for those business that share office space.

Enhanced Therapy Session Search
A new area has been added to Therabill that offers enhanced search for scheduled therapy sessions.  Using the many enhanced search filters,  Therabill members can quickly find therapy sessions and perform common tasks such as enter payment, enter therapy session notes, view session folder and edit session.

 Hot Keys
Some people prefer not to take their hands off of the keyboard.  For this reason, I have started developing some hot keys into Therabill.  For the moment, these hot keys are only available on the bill insurance page.  These hot keys will be expanded throughout different areas in Therabill in the near future.  At this time, hot keys allow you to hold the control key down while pushing another key on the keyboard to perform certain tasks.  For example, holding the control button down while entering the 'c' is the same as clicking the Create Invoice button with your mouse.

Client Statement Settings
Client statements is one of the methods of billing your clients that most Therabill members prefer.  It is preferred because members because it is a quick and easy method for creating client billing statements.  Therabill has recently added a couple of new settings that allow for further control over which therapy sessions should be included on the statement.  For example, you can choose to hide therapy sessions that do not have any insurance payment entered on them yet, or that have a zero balance due.

In addition, a setting has been added that allows you to customize the units of the session length.  You can choose to either display the session length in "billing units" or in "minutes".

I will continue to post articles to this blog every once in awhile to update you on new features to Therabill.  As many already know, we are developing an Electronic Medical Records feature that will be added as an enhancement to the current therapy notes within Therabill.  I will start another blog category to cover the development of the electronic medical records.

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